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Legend of Korra/ATLA crossover: The Revenant Ch. 5
Alright, guys, Chapter 5 is finally up. I'm really upset at how little reviews I'm getting. I will not update until I get at least six more reviews. If I don't get enough reviews, I will have to discontinue this story. It's a shame, because I'm having a fun time writing it, but I get more inspiration when people actually provide feedback and are really READING it not just ignoring it.
With that said, PLEASE review after reading this chapter. I beg of you! I need reviews. It's kinda the same when I'm editing on youtube and making AMV's. I thrive off of comments and feedback, or I feel uninspired. Kinda bad, but that's what's happening to the editing world nowadays.
Alright, go read and enjoy, and REVIEW! Thanks! :)
The Revenant
Chapter 5: Bridging of Worlds
Fingertips trembled as the emerald raiment of the man reflected the ethereal torchlight. Here was this agent, placing two fingers to a stranger's forehead and two on the other man's shoulder.
The two chakra points. Dark energy poured
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Legend of Korra/ATLA crossover: The Revenant Ch. 4
Chapter 4: Making A Getaway
If there were a single word to describe the collision course that the news press created upon their ingression into City Hall, most of the members would tell you it was calamitous. But Tenzin, who was boarded in the corner of his pedestal on all sides by cameras, protruding microphones, and sound amplifiers, believed that was an understatement.
"Damn! There are so many freakin' people!" Bolin cursed as he attempted to whoosh people away with his breath, but he didn't have the skills of airbending, not like Master Tenzin.
In that moment, Tenzin really wished the spirits could have imparted upon him the gift of being the Avatar so that his tattoos would glow and people would leave him and the Council alone. But today was an accursed day. The news of the extirpation of the village in the South Pole had finally breached Republic City's shores and thousands of people were exploding about it.
He had formed some appointee members in Korra's absence to make up for a
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Legend of Korra/ATLA crossover - The Revenant Ch 3
Chapter 3: Glacial Cascade and Greater Threats
"I don't know how to say this but…Avatar Korra…was in Ba Sing Se about two hours ago."
Disbelief was written on his face as he backed up into the stone column. "B-But that's impossible! I thought I deliberately told Korra not to travel anywhere but the South Pole!"
Lin shrugged apathetically, her metal armor clanking as she strode past her ex. "Like I said, Avatar stuff isn't my domain. That's your area, Councilman."
Tenzin winced at that, but he knew he deserved it. After all, he was the one culpable for allowing Korra to take this silly hiatus in the first place. Her genuine responsibilities belonged right back here in Republic City. "She's a stubborn girl, though, Lin. I'm sure you gathered that by now." And his vain attempt to chortle in the austerity of the situation nearly made Lin's stomach fall out.
"Well I just wanted to inform you that she's writing from Ba Sing Se because of some surprising information she just discove
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Legend of Korra/ATLA crossover - The Revenant Ch 2
Hey, once again everyone! I don't think anybody is reading this story, but I really want to continue it. But I get discouraged when nobody reads it or doesn't leave a review. I need feedback before I keep going.
This chapter is short, but I assure you, the next one will be longer! Enjoy and review, okay? :)
Chapter 2: A Big Shocker
Ideological conceptualism is what better defined the approaches the Council had on restructuring the governmental framework of Republic City ensuing the aftermath of Amon's invasion. Hundreds of people had swarmed the headquarters sweeping all the rooms for Avatar Korra, but after much tempering by Councilman Tenzin to break up the crowd, many of them simply gave up and went home.
Ever since the girl's vacation had started three months ago, it was like this almost every day a former bender slipped into City Hall.  One exbender would draw another one into his quarrel like a moth to a light bulb, and thousands upon thousands, at times, would sometime
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Legend of Korra/Avatar crossover - The Revenant
The Revenant
This is the first Korra story I have ever written, and the first crossover I've ever published. It's in the works and I'll post Chapter 2 as soon as I finish writing chapters 7 and 8. I hope you guys don't mind my descriptive writing. It was easier to simplify with writing in the Korra fandom, and I'll try to update weekly. If I don't, expect the latest update to be about once every two weeks at the most.
I hope you enjoy the concept of merging both ATLA and TLoK together. Read on, my valiant heroes! 3
Chapter 1: A Round of Conspirators
A thin mist curled around her nostrils as she exhaled and sipped her ginger tea. The pungency nearly caused to her to gag, but she stuffed it and snapped her head back, swallowing swiftly. It had been months since the brunette last had tea like this, let alone this exotic type that was far too many yuans away from her budget. However, the storekeeper had stricken a bargain with her and allowed her to consume endless rounds of tea free of ch
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Don't sneak up on me like that! by bl0gmOnKeY78 Don't sneak up on me like that! :iconbl0gmonkey78:bl0gmOnKeY78 11 2 As long as time will keep us. - Noel x Serah by bl0gmOnKeY78 As long as time will keep us. - Noel x Serah :iconbl0gmonkey78:bl0gmOnKeY78 46 15 From Valhalla's heart... by bl0gmOnKeY78 From Valhalla's heart... :iconbl0gmonkey78:bl0gmOnKeY78 8 1
Noel x Serah - A Margin of Repose [SPOILERS]
I wanted to base this idea off a quote I heard about our lives being like drops in the ocean, and that without those drops, the ocean would be greatly lacking something. I kinda take that into consideration here with Serah's memories. Although a bit vague, I went about it with prose. There is a little bit of humor here, so be forewarned, caution yourself if you don't like humor.
Other than that, I hope I didn't get to sappy, as this is dramatic too. Enjoy! :)
A Margin of Repose
Compared to the 200 AF location, the future version of Oerba was rather serene and less disturbed temporally than its historical counterpart. The skies were clear and a crystalline blue, the sun unbarred by any remnant of precipitous clouds.
The bone-white sand below Serah's feet reflected its glistening light. Her eyes scanned the broad expanse of the tranquil water before her prior to locking with the phenomenal display of Cocoon in the distance.
Noel had dropped his twin-blades in a dusty dune, securin
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Swaying in the snow breeze. by bl0gmOnKeY78 Swaying in the snow breeze. :iconbl0gmonkey78:bl0gmOnKeY78 26 6 We're not lost. by bl0gmOnKeY78 We're not lost. :iconbl0gmonkey78:bl0gmOnKeY78 14 7 SnowxLightning by bl0gmOnKeY78 SnowxLightning :iconbl0gmonkey78:bl0gmOnKeY78 13 2 Intimacy on the beach by bl0gmOnKeY78 Intimacy on the beach :iconbl0gmonkey78:bl0gmOnKeY78 3 4 Rhapsody closeup by bl0gmOnKeY78 Rhapsody closeup :iconbl0gmonkey78:bl0gmOnKeY78 11 4 Rhapsody by bl0gmOnKeY78 Rhapsody :iconbl0gmonkey78:bl0gmOnKeY78 6 1 shirtless Link by bl0gmOnKeY78 shirtless Link :iconbl0gmonkey78:bl0gmOnKeY78 2 3


LuffyxNami whole cake island by gerardosteel LuffyxNami whole cake island :icongerardosteel:gerardosteel 43 16 LuffyxNami by gerardosteel LuffyxNami :icongerardosteel:gerardosteel 31 12 LuffyxNami by AKonev4444 LuffyxNami :iconakonev4444:AKonev4444 71 15 'Good night' by zippi44 'Good night' :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,207 135 I'm so glad you're okay by Ndargen I'm so glad you're okay :iconndargen:Ndargen 427 64 Floor Kiss by Adun175 Floor Kiss :iconadun175:Adun175 31 7 Partner in Crime by kerosuke23 Partner in Crime :iconkerosuke23:kerosuke23 88 8 Happy Bday Luffy by AyaAsakura Happy Bday Luffy :iconayaasakura:AyaAsakura 191 60 OP:For Heivais by kirayukari OP:For Heivais :iconkirayukari:kirayukari 160 24 Nier: Automata by pollypwnz Nier: Automata :iconpollypwnz:pollypwnz 147 7 OP: King and Queen of Pirates! by LiniAriva OP: King and Queen of Pirates! :iconliniariva:LiniAriva 89 26 OP: 880- We are Doomed by LiniAriva OP: 880- We are Doomed :iconliniariva:LiniAriva 19 5 OP: Yellow Flowers by LiniAriva OP: Yellow Flowers :iconliniariva:LiniAriva 30 18 Kiss me tonight by Adun175 Kiss me tonight :iconadun175:Adun175 15 4 Kiss Luffy x Nami by Arazakuvya Kiss Luffy x Nami :iconarazakuvya:Arazakuvya 12 1 Be My Valentine by Marmaladica Be My Valentine :iconmarmaladica:Marmaladica 3,039 51



Hi, guys, I know I don't have a whole lot of work on here, but expect that to change really soon. I'm starting to create more manip artwork (especially SnowxLightning, but anything else you might want) and that's what this profile is mainly going to consist of. I love to draw as well and when I get a new printer+scanner, I will start submitting drawn pictures alongside my manips.

I'm just posting this message to inform ya'll that I'm accepting manipulation requests and anything that anybody wants to be done, let me know. I'm limited by having no photoshop, but I believe that will change soon. Still, the only backgrounds I could possibly add right now are google images. If anybody has any links to any XNALara foregrounds and backdrops, please share them and I will credit you in the description of the submitted art.

Thanks and start requesting!

Don't forget to check out my youtube page (…) to see if I have amv's featuring any of these manips. Chances are, I'm going to start making amv's that have these manips included as scenes for part of the storyline. Don't forget to subscribe to my yt and add me to your Deviant Watch. Thanks! :D


United States
Let's see, I pretty much have been a member on here for three years, but I'm not really that active like I am on youtube. I absolutely love video editing - it pretty much consumes my life - and drawing. I love LightningxSnow and I am a rave fanatic for the pairing! XD

Serah/Snow is meh. I don't really care for it at all. LightningxFang is alright with me if it's friendship. Crossover pairings are definitely awesome! All but NoctisxLightning is acceptable to me.

I love/hate masking because it takes forever. But that's the art of editing, mah dear. I guess that's part of life, at least in youtube life ^_^

I don't have much here, but take a look see and glance at the crappy drawings I have on here. I don't have a scanner, so whenever I draw, I take photos. Kinda lame, but that's the way it is when you don't have an HP Photosmart like everyone else :)

Don't forget to check out my Youtube Profile at [link] :)

Current Residence: Corpus Christi, TX
Favourite genre of music: Worship music and postrock
Favourite style of art: 3d rendering and animation, but the latter I can't really do because my comp is meh. *shrugs*
MP3 player of choice: Prefer the Ipod, luvs!
Wallpaper of choice: If I could make a wallpaper, that would be awesome! Not really good at Photoshop, though.
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson! Doh!
Personal Quote: Chillin like a chinchilla! 0_0


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